The ultimate remembrance

How to keep yourself cool and calm? How to not fight or get into any argument? How to stop yourself from indulging in things that eat away your precious time?

Focus: Connect to your inner self

We all have heard the story of Arjuna, a character from Hindu mythology. He is a warrior who is known for his sheer focus in the battlefield. He remains calm and focused even in the heat of battle. These qualities always resulted in success for him. He looks at his target and forgets the view of the background. He connects to his inner self and his goal at the very moment. It is the complete devotion to what he knows. That is what we need to realize. Before you get into arguments, or unnecessary things, remember, “is it worth your time? is it contributing towards your goals?” Definitely, it does not.

Time is ticking away for all of us, life is ticking away for all of us…

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