My life, my making

In the world we live in, we often play a trick with ourselves. “A trick that not only fools others but fools us as well.

When a baby is born, it does not know any language to communicate with its mother to get fed when in hunger. Even though the baby is a fresh unskilled life, still it knows that crying is a way to call for food. In the same way, the baby uses other modes of expression to communicate with its mother about any discomfort in the body. On the other side, if we talk about other lives on the planet, the birds, the animals, everyone is making their lives possible with their actions. We call babies and animals innocent and they are the ones who need love and care, but if you think about how they perceive life and how they make things possible for them with whatever capabilities they are adored by nature, it will make you realize for a moment that every single life is saying, “my life, my making”.

As per our understanding of life, we consider animals, birds, and babies with limited consciousness. As human beings become mature with time, their understanding of life also matures. But one problem lies with him which is his belief “my life but it’s your making”. The problem starts from here. There is always a high possibility of blaming others when it comes down to suffering. Nobody wants to take full responsibility for one’s actions. The blissful experience is credited with one’s own efforts but whenever it comes to the unpleasant experiences of life, one has someone to blame. If there is no person involved, then definitely it is God to be blamed.

“Life is neither a gift nor a punishment; it is simply a Phenomenon. If you ride it well, it becomes beautiful and wonderful. If you ride it badly, it gets ugly and torturous.” Sadhguru

The mantra “my life, my making” is very powerful if you really understand it. We can happily take responsibility for the actions that land us profit. The only issue is about the ugly experiences that we encounter. It takes a few things to understand how life works. Whatever actions we decide to take in the given circumstances, yes it is we who make the choice of our actions. It depends on how much clarity one has about the repercussions of the same. If we really do know what fruit our actions will provide in the end, we will certainly not point fingers at others. As there is much awareness of karma and accordingly, we spend our energies on that. Vice versa, one goes through a lot of friction when choices are made with limited knowledge. As a result, a man keeps himself entangled in the chains of his own karmas. If this is the case, what is the right way to judge the situation and take the right action? How do we decide what is right and wrong for all? How do we work on our compulsions? The answer to all questions is to look within, the answer is Yog!!

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