About Us

my Mytra : A journey to Self.  


Hey, i am your friend, your Mytra  who will surely guide you some of the important aspects of your life. It’s an effort of mine to take you from the phase of confusion to the phase of clarity. The most complicated human machine is human itself and so are it’s aspects. But still, if we try to understand it, we surely can as all it takes is the willingness to know of how and what are we made of. As a human being, “what really should matter in our life ? how to make most of it ? and how to serve to the mankind ? “ are some of the important unanswered questions in our mind. To  be able to experience and make it happen in our life, it’s very important to find a perfect balance between mind and body.  Once the mind and body are in perfect shape, it really becomes easy to focus on oneself and of course others. There does not seem a better way than this platform where I can communicate with you regarding your health and mental peace, listen to you about your personal and professional issues and for sure to make you understand what can really work in your favour in your life so that life can be met with fulfilment not just for you but for others around you. The website is an open friendly space especially to those people who want to blossom in spirituality. Being in touch with spirituality, one can experience the life to its full extend. Let’s then dive into this beautiful journey of knowing how beautiful you are..

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