My Mind

If we go through the anatomy of mind of how it’s made and the mechanism of how it works, we surely will get a roundabout in our head because that’s the job of the doctors not ours. To understand the way of how a healthy mind works and remain calm even in chaotic situations, we surely do not need to dissect it. Then what exactly is the way to exercise the mind to this level? When someone misbehaves, when someone’s does the wrong thing to us, when the people around us brings negativity due to some xyz reasons, what are we supposed to do? It really seems difficult to have a grip on the minds of lots of people around you. When we say the word, mymind, yes we mean taking incharge of only mymind not the surroundings. But usually it does not seems to be practical. Right? If someone says bad things to me, why should I keep quite, tit for tat is must because only then that person will understand. Right? If really this is the solution my friends, then there should not be any quarrel anywhere at any time. But the reality is, it happens every single day and everywhere, you talk about the family quarrels, office quarrels, politicians shouting in interviews . That’s why, the question arises of what wrong steps are being taken and they need to be rectified. Here we will take few simple steps called baby steps that will for sure works for you and not against you.